Winning Combo: QR Codes and Direct Mail

Quick Response codes may be scanned with a SmartPhone to display textual content, take the person to a internet site, or dial a smartphone quantity. They constitute a revolution in direct reaction marketing and yet some other manner that entrepreneurs are breaking down the barrier between a employer and its prospects or customers. In reality, in step with ScanLife, the prevalence of Quick Response codes as an advertising medium multiplied via 700 percentage in 2010. And they’re even greater famous this yr.

Five tips for the use of QR codes efficaciously

QR codes are a advertising and marketing device that you should not ignore. Yet it’d be a mistake to use Quick Response codes just because they’re cool. Follow the five guidelines we have mentioned right here to ensure that once you use QR codes in Backbridge your junk mail, you are doing so purposefully – and efficiently.

1. Where you’re going matters. A splendid map isn’t a great deal true with out a extremely good vacation spot. You can use QR codes to show textual content – a chit code, possibly (see our Quick Response code underneath). You can use them to show your phone quantity (once more, breaking the barrier between your objectives and their response). Or – most popularly – use them to take people on your website (or a targeted micro version of it).

If you operate the Quick Response code to take human beings on your internet site, consider what tool they will be the use of once they go to your website online – probable the identical SmartPhone they used to experiment the code. It isn’t sincerely vital to have a complicated mobile website, so long as your website online is designed to display well on a SmartPhone (maximum new internet site structures do that automatically).

Better but, recall growing a cellular-pleasant microsite that you use just for humans responding to your QR code. The beauty of Quick Response codes is how they allow you to specially target your provide and the messaging associated with it.

2. It’s all about your audience. Even among SmartPhone customers, in America at the least, Quick Response codes are still overseas – so give your mail recipients a bit of assist on the way to use the QR code (a “Scan me along with your SmartPhone barcode reader” can suffice – you would possibly also provide guidelines on wherein to get the code reader, like the Droid Market or iPhone App store).

Three. Integrate the Quick Response code into your provide. We speak a lot right here about the significance of a top notch offer. Direct reaction advertising (which incorporates, of direction, direct mail) is all approximately attractive your goal to action – and what higher way to do that with a cannot be refused offer. As you design your Quick Response code campaign, think about what you are presenting, and about what you’re getting. Send a postcard with a QR code inviting possibilities to sign on to sign up for your special discount membership – they get special reductions, and also you get their e mail deal with and get in touch with number ( greater approaches you can communicate with them).

Four. Use QR codes to integrate your junk mail and online advertising efforts. Quick Response codes are a exceptional way to connect your offline marketing efforts together with your on line marketing efforts. When mail recipients experiment the QR code, take them to a microsite that allows them to sign up for special deals and beneficial statistics; you can even provide recipients the option to sign up for mail, e-mail or SMS-based messages – so you’re honestly communicating together with your targets the way they need to be communicated with.

5. Be useful. Sometimes new developments in advertising (or anything else) are virtually flash-in-the-pan fads that suck up advertising sources that should be going to attempted-and-real channels. Not so with QR codes; the reality is that SmartPhones have revolutionized our lives, and will keep to accomplish that – mobile advertising and marketing isn’t always a fad, it is the wave of the future (incorporated with other channels, like unsolicited mail, of course).

QR codes and Direct Mail

The process of making a mail piece with a Quick Response code is basically similar to developing every other piece, with the delivered step (all through the design section) of together with a excessive-resolution QR code. There are a few terrific QR code mills online; here are just a few alternatives:

• Kaywa – the best Quick Response code generator, it permits you to generate a QR code for a URL or smartphone number, or approximately a paragraph really worth of text (see our example under).

• iCandy – a piece greater state-of-the-art than Kaywa, iCandy lets in you to tune scans. If you are critical about integrating Quick Response codes into your advertising efforts, size is prime.

Once you have designed your mailer with the QR code blanketed, TEST, TEST, TEST!